Sunday, February 12

A Peek Into the Classroom....

Hey Everybody!!!

I finally took some pictures of the classroom I'm currently working in.  This is probably the only glimpse you are going to see of what the classroom looks like.  Like I said, I do not want to disclose any personal information about any of my students.  Call me crazy but I value privacy!

So want to see what it looks like for me...? Read on!

Here's a photo of my desk...

 My mother almost had a heart attack because it was extremely clean and organized...unlike other living establishments I fancy.   Below is how my desk normally looks... kinda crazy.  At the end of the day, I always clean it off.  It's really easy for the kids to just toss things onto my desk (and I tell them often, go put it on my desk too which doesn't help).  As you can see, my desk is decorated for Valentines Day!  The kids went crazy one day and made me a bunch!

I also made a "No Whining" Sign for the students.  They love it! (And yes this is a Cricut Diecut.)  I used the "Going Places" shapes cartridge.

Finally, this is my first bulletin board I made!  It is an interactive one.  The kids will pick a word from the cloud and practice all the verb tenses by writing them on the flowers.  I kinda put it up a little too early, but it's nice to take a look at!  I figured this will stay up for a while before we switch to something else.  But what will that be....?  WELL... you'll have to wait and see! 

My week went pretty well!  I survived my first observation and live to tell the tale.  I had an overall review, but like any new teacher, there are things that I need to improve on.  I have set myself two goals that directly relate to what my supervising teacher advised me to do. 

I also have another goal for myself: have everything set up for tomorrow done before I leave.  This way in case anything happens... well.. it's all there for Chrissy to teach!

That's all for now!  Things are going well.  All love and smiles all around on this end! I hope your day is going well too!!!


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