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How Em (Didn't) Celebrate St. Valentines Day

Greetings Everybody!

Now that the madness of St. Valentines Day is officially over with...I am going to write about my adventures.  Now everybody knows how I feel about this day: IT IS OVERRATED!  Tell me people, why do you all absolutely feel the need to celebrate this holiday? I mean, if you have a special somebody to celebrate it with, that's awesome, good for you and have fun...but if you are one of those people that have a mental break down because you didn't get to celebrate it... well... you're pathetic.

Love should be celebrated every day, including on Feb. 14th.

So, fitting that, I celebrated love several days this week!  Why not? Love should be embraced every day right?

So after seminar on Tuesday, Liz and I celebrated being friends at Regatta 220.  We dressed to the nines and went all out!

 We didn't realize that there was a "Reservation" Rule there... so we had to sit at the bar and wait for a reservation to cancel.   We figured it would be at least an hour wait, but we were wrong!  About 20 minutes of sitting, the hostess got us a lovely seat near the water.

We ordered several different kinds of wine, including the "New Age" wine from Argentina.  It was probably my absolute favorite!

I also ordered food.  At first I tried their pizza, but I honestly got very sick from after three bites, I stopped and requested for the Ahi Tuna instead.

Now before you all go "whoa, Em you are such a Drama Queen!"  Let me tell you out of all the times I have gone out to eat, I have NEVER asked for somebody to take my food back.  It wasn't even my idea.  Liz knew how I wasn't feeling too good about my food and suggested it.  I was extremely polite and didn't want to give off any impression that I hated the food I had...I just had so much chocolate, I needed something fresh instead! I offered to pay for my purchase, but she felt bad and understood why I was doing what I was doing, she didn't charge me.

Liz of coarse... got desert!

Overall, what a wonderful St. Valentines Day!

But celebrating "love" and "friendship" did not stop there... in fact, the very next day, I spent sometime with Leah and Kristina at La Vie Boheme at a Spanish Wine Tasting.

The adventure was quite epic.. I ran into my old professor Bonnie (who I adore).  She and I talked, which was great.  Turns out that my name gets brought up in Preschool still.  (Any more details, I do not have nor would I feel comfortable sharing due to children's right to privacy.)  I'm not sure if my name being mentioned is a good or bad thing...but I think I was good in the preschool so I am going to hope for the good part.

Leah, Kristina and I tried several wines ranging from a sweet orange to a very dry wine.   With these parings, we got some nice crackers and other tasty snacks! 

I was really happy to see Kristina enjoying herself with wine.  This was her first wine tasting and first time at La Vie Boheme.  The owners really made her feel very welcomed and even gave her the day before discount!!!

What makes me coming back to La Vie Boheme is the kindness of the owners.  They trust that I am 21 every time I go back.   They remember me every single time I come.  They ask me how I am.  They are always smiling and positive! If I'm pretty darn close but don't have quite enough, they let me pay them back the next time I return.  They served us extra food and kept us happy.  In return, I keep on coming back with all my friends!

Of coarse, I spent other days this week celebrating love... but those did not consist of going to any social events with a camera.  Celebrating love doesn't need a camera, but it sure reminds us of how much fun we had celebrating love!  Like I said, nothing wrong with celebrating love on St. Val's day because we should be celebrating love every day!

How Else I Celebrated LOVE This Past Week:
-One night I took a nice long bath and fixed up my nails. 
-I spread love by posting post-it notes on the students' desks while they were taking a huge test.
-I played with Pickles for an extended time.
-I cleaned my room.
-I cleaned my car.
-I reminded my CT why is the best CT ever!
-I was respectful to my parents (even more than the usual!)
-I feed myself some better food.
-I went out of my way to say thank you to several of the teachers who have been giving me L.O.V.E. this entire student teaching experience.
-I made it clear to one of my friends how amazing they really are...

What did you do to celebrate love? 

Celebrate love every day in every way... love is always the answer (and maybe chocolate!)


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