Friday, February 24

More Cards!

Hello Everybody!!!

Last Friday, Meredith, Liz and myself went to Creations Galore's Cropfest!  Here are some of the cards that I made...

 This card is one of those "crap I need to give you a card and I don't have any that fit into the category that I need..."  It's a nice fun, simple card.  Reminds me of my high school because of the colors!

 This card was hard to make... I wanted to make sure I used my Cuttlebug, but also keep true to my adding layers.  I used my new embossing machine to wet emboss the cattiplillar!!  I used older card elements to make this card fun and refreshing!

 Inside, I stamped with a watercolor stamp and added depth by placing the flowers in random spots.  One of the flowers is bugging me, but the rest are adorable...!!

 This is a sympathy card.  Meredith had an awesome technique with chalks and I wanted to try it out.  I didn't want to directly copy her, so I used a different template.  Mine isn't as cool as hers...but I love my argyle!!!  I used some stamps I got at Archivers to the card as well.  This card took forever to make, because I didn't use color.  I wanted to make sure I had enough black and white on the card.

 I'm very pleased with my end result... hopefully I won't have to use it for some time!

This is a sympathy card.  I made it in case I ever need to give somebody one of these...(goodness I sure hope I don't ever have to!)

Inside I cut out a bunch of hearts....and then leave space for a handwritten message!

This card is my favorite.  I embossed the owl and the vines with my cuttlebug.  Then I chalked the entire embossing section.  It took forever!  I had to buy an eraser from Creations Galore which was a great investment anyways! I'm not sure what I am going to use this card for... maybe a little pick me up card...?  Not quite sure yet... anybody have any ideas?

I hope everybody enjoyed my cards... they were a lot of fun to make!!!  And of coarse, I'm never short of using them!

Happy Days,


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