Tuesday, March 6


Hey Everybody!!

For those who did not know, I have taken up a new church job at Saint Joe's in Oneida, Wisconsin.  I'm extremely happy to start this position.  My role is to provide accompaniment as well as help run the choir as well.  I'll be working with Larissa, who I have worked with on several other projects before.  I also get to be "my own person" in the sense I have a LOT more creative control over music, tempos and what instrument I get to play...(unlike other churches I have worked at...SNAP!)

My first weekend went very smoothly.  I worked with a lady named Cheryl, who I think was a little unsure of my experience. Things started a little shaky--- the organ is not Riely so that took some getting used to.  I also had a hard time with the silence during the first part of communion--I've been spoiled with the song "This is Jesus" being played right after the "Lamb of God."  It will take some getting used to, but I know in time I will get it figured out.

I've been welcomed with lots of warm hugs, smiling faces and kind comments.  Everybody appears to be really excited that two young girls are going to be full-fronting their music program!  I know I am excited about it!



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