Tuesday, June 26

The Decorations Keep on Coming!

 Hey Followers!

My mother is a SAINT! She fixed up the basement for me.  Remember when it flooded and looked like crap? Well...she got things neatly packed and ready to go! Isn't she the greatest?

I'm getting closer to being ready for VBS...all this work for ONE WEEK...wait until I have an entire classroom to work! I'm collecting toilet paper tubes so the kids can make sea creatures! If you have any to spare, please let me know!

Our fish are finished! Here's a final look at them!

A better view of them... we are going to hang them up in the classroom!

Here's the octopus...which is the VBS main mascot.  Although ours does not look like the actual mascot...we still have an octopus in our classroom.  We made it out of felt (eyes) and ribbon (legs.) Thanks Resurrection for lending us the bean bag (it might not come back...I really like this bean bag...)

Thanks to Mary Kay...I have a little center activity the kids can play with when they arrive at VBS! It's extremely cute! I was caught playing with it for a long period of time;) Thanks Mary Kay for letting me borrow this!

Mom made clouds for the sky.  I'm so proud of her...she went for a drive and looked at the shading.  Then she experimented with the shading and made these awesome clouds! Go mom!

Meanwhile, I've been working on my felt boards.  I'm getting closer! I have only 3 more animals to cut out and then I can work on the people.  If you know anybody with generic people I can use please let me know! Otherwise, I'm going to be cutting them up by hand.   This is one of the scenes we will be looking at: Jesus helping the fishermen catch fish! (Not finished yet...they will have clothes on!)

Here are some of the animals I cut... the lions are awesome!

Also...my book came in! I'm so excited! I'll be reading this book to my kids.  We will be talking about the importance of sharing and so forth.  We will be making our own Rainbow Fish too!

See you soon!




  1. Anonymous3.7.12

    The family resource center on walnut has generic people die cuts ...fyi :-)


  2. Thanks Jen...but will they be the right size for my flannel board?


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