Monday, March 19

Recent Scrapbooking Creations

Hey All!!!

I haven't been scrapbooking too much recently, but I wanted to show you some of my more recent creations!!!

This is one of my favorite scrapbook pages...from... PRIDEFEST!!!!!

I used the cuttlebug like mad on this one!  The rainbow has several textures.  I did the collage approach which was very hard to do.  I had to order some more photos in order to get them to fit perfectly.  This page took me 4 hours to make...but it was so worth it!

Then there's Zombie Prom...
Nothing too exciting here... just a normal page.  Lots of tearing, lots of stickers...a title and as many photos as possible on this one!

This one is from Leah and Em's Door County Wine Tour!
Again, nothing too exciting the layering.  I tried tucking things in pockets here.  It looked really cool in the end, but I was worried about this one for a while.  My challenge was to tie in the theme of wine while keeping the colors light and fun.  (It was summer when this happened!) I tried journaling again... it worked slightly better. 

This one was an attempt to sew...
The girls and I went to a park in A-town.  To help make this page look more "girly" I created a sewing page.  I also combined stamps.  The friends stamp is its own stamp!  I also Cuttlebugged some more flowers...can you tell which ones are not part of the original paper??

You might recognize this one...
This was from my last choir concert.  The layout was hard to make.  I think black and white for music, but the pictures were screaming brown shades.  I mixed the two together to make this master piece.  It is simple, but effective.

Then there was that awesome yarn convention I went to....
I tried using a pre-set template for this one.  I really like the layout.  I think it looks different than my normal scrapbooking.  I liked having to size and fit all of the photos.  I also tried journaling...but I really hate my hand writing.  I think I am going to type and print next time! I did get to use my Circut yarn die-cut from Countryside...I love it!

For the picture below, I tried the collage method again.  I'm really liking it.  It takes longer, but at least I don't have to mat anything!

This is another pride and joy... the TOW page!

I made the tag all by myself!  I cut it...I put the sticker on it...I put the ribbon on it... it looks amazing!!!!  I am really proud of this page.  I had a hard time finding colors because in TOW there were so many colors! I stuck to the primary colors because those were the main colors in all of the photos.  I had a cute center stage page that I used as a background.  I want to thank my Ohana sister Marnie for the photos...they were originally hers!!!!

This photo sums up my Christmas Day in a nut shell...

That's right... I went to Goth Night ON CHRISTMAS DAY! (Hey...I needed to celebrate I played three masses!!!! PLUS my best friend EVER was in town!) I used a technique I found online... snowflake cans.  I took a soda can, cut it up and cuttlebugged a snow flake.  The results were perfect!!!!  The only problem was the soda can was kinda sharp.  I had to be really careful or else I would have cut my finger!  I also used a typewriter stamp...

This page I used chalk... you can't really tell...
I chalked the circles.  I used a lime green and a dark green combo to make the pages look a little faded.  I think it went all right...this is not one of my favorite pages, but I really had a blast that night!  I added a little ribbon for fun.  I think the colors are too bright and sunny for such an occasion... after all... it was the day after Christmas!!

Finally... Meredith and I created wine invitations...
We each made our own and then combined elements.  I really love the final result.  We used gold ink, chalks, letter stamps, the computer to word process everything and... the scallop puncher!!!!

Meredith found the cards at St. Vincent de Paul for a quarter.  They were a hit!!!  I cannot wait to scrapbook mine into my book!

That's all for back to reading Thunder Cake....



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  1. Thundercake is one of my ALL time favorite books! Patricia Polacco is an amazing children's book author! :)


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