Sunday, March 11

How Em Will Now Store Her Cricut Cartridges

Hey Everybody!!!

I wanted to show you my latest scrapbook adventure.  Because of student teaching, I haven't really had a lot of time to work on my paper crafts.  Between writing lesson plans and teaching piano, I have started looking up more creative and organized ways to store my paper materials.

One of the ways I discovered to store my paper crafting Cricut materials is in a nice craft box.

The box is a lovely bright green with pink flowers.  Now I'm not normally a bright colored person, but my paper crafts have become more and more bright recently.  Probably because it is spring and we are all celebrating it's arrival in WI! 

I want to note that THIS IS NOT my idea. I repeat NOT MY IDEA!!!!  I found it on YouTube from a lady named Scrappin' Sabrina.  After seeing this video, I was destined to get a similar box.  I looked everywhere for one, but couldn't find something that was even close to the awesomeness of this box.  So I emailed Sabrina and she offered to sell me her extra box!  I jumped for joy! After a few messages, we were able to agree on a price and timeline for paying.

Now that the box is here, I wanted to show it off.  This is such a creative and crafty idea.   Inside there are Velcro dots to hold up the cartridges.   I have so many cartridges that I don't have enough space on the inside cover to hold them all... so I started putting them on the back.  You can see in the picture below, I have the box nicely organized. 

Below is a zoomed out view of the new craft box!

Srappin' Sabrina did a really cute organizing system with her books.  She had tags on each of them so she could refer to them and not dig out their keypads.  They were colorful, neat and had this little brass ring around them to have that nice clean finish.  Because I have a Cricut 2 Expression, I don't need the keypads.  So I didn't rush to label all of my books yet.  I will be getting dividers to tell me when the FONTS end and the SHAPES or the EDUCATION ones begin.  At some point I'll make tags to, but like I said, I don't use my books very often so for now, I'm good.  All my books sit nicely in one row while my little inserts sit nicely next to them. 

I wouldn't have been able to come up with it, but I'm glad that somebody did!  Here is the link to the original video in case you want to make your own!

Scrappin' With Sabrina's Video About Storing Cartridges 

I've also been enjoying the nice spring day.  I received a new dress from Meredith's closet.  It's a black and white polka-dot sun dress.  I know that it isn't summer yet, but 62 degrees in Wisconsin is a national holiday.  Everybody comes out in their shorts, their dresses and sunglasses.  I am no different.  I love my snow, but I'm ready for spring! I hope mother nature is too!

That's all for now!!!


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