Saturday, December 3

Organs, Organs, and More Organs

Hey All!

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. Things have been crazy around here. On Monday, I will get my teaching placement. I am extremely excited!!! I will post on here what my placement is as soon as I find out!! I cannot wait!!!

These past weeks have had a lot of "firsts" and "lasts" of the semester.

First...I played my FIRST organ recital ever!!!

I was so blessed to have about 100 people show up. I got flowers from Resurrection Parish, Old Saint Joes, my hair people (Ann and Joe) and from Sharon (who was there in spirit!). I couldn't believe that A/that many people would want to come to my recital and B/that I would actually do an amazing job at my recital!

My parents were a strong force behind my recital. My mom spent the majority of that week baking cookies and making sure the boys didn't eat them up! She bought colored M&M's and did all the decorations. And most importantly... she was willing to go to to Resurrection at midnight and listen to me play. She had to turn pages and work on her Res Committee Things...GO MOM!

Also, I cannot thank Resurrection Catholic Parish enough for all of their love and support. They were the people that put up with me for the past 10 years. I mean think about many masses did I suck at before I actually started being somewhat good? Poor congregation had to hear me during my learning years.

And then there is Michele. Seriously. That women deserves a medal, especially for putting up with me and surviving to tell the tale. People wonder why I respect her so much...who else puts up multiple copies of my posters around the church to advertise? Who else puts the recital information in the bulletin for all to see? Or let's me play samples of my recital pieces during YMT masses? Who let's the Toccata blast as loud as she does before everybody can hear how awesome it is? And turn my pages...? That's just the tip of the iceberg.

We're spoiled to have her. The end.

And then I have a series of lasts...right now I am only going to talk about one of them. That last is..the...LAST. WOMENS. CHOIR. CONCERT. EVER! Therefore, I made Brigid and Zac, my partners in crime, take a photo with me in memorial of this last day. (Note that Zac is a male and is not in Women's Choir. Neither is Brigid, they are both mega-talented people and are in Chambers Singers.) I wouldn't have survived Women's Choir without Brigid and Zac is my guy to chat to when it comes to Parish Politics. (Parish being defined as the Catholic Church and not any Church in particular.)

Please don't think I hate being in Women's Choir. I actually really like singing. Thank Karie Greene and the Green Bay Girl Choir for that. However, sometimes I feel that my placement in choir is surely off some days. I don't think I'm bad at singing (anymore), but I think sometimes I am the misfit of choir. Everybody goes left and I go right. It is just how things roll.

On Friday, we sang in the Festival of Christmas. Although I didn't want to go (because I wanted to sleep or hang out with my friends.) I did enjoy my time there. I got to hear my friend Devin rock on the organ. It was such an honor to hear him play! And this fall semester, Devin will be playing his own organ recital. And if hearing him on Friday gave me any idea on how his recital is going to is going to be the divine! Everybody should go! (It will be at SNC Abbey!)

Tonight's concert was an honor to sing in. There was lots of organ and brass incorporated into the concert. And lots of Xmas music. (More music than Joe could ever ask for.) Our final song was Handel's Messiah's Hallelujah Chorus. I say this was the best way to end a "career" in Women's Choir. I even got to sit in the Priests Chair!

Speaking of Organs... today was FULL of organ! guessed it...I played at mass today! I played the vast majority of mass today on the organ. Reily (aka the Resurrection organ) has the best Krumhorn a girl could ever ask for! I love it! I used this Krumhorn to play "Marnanatha" during the communion song.

I'm sure you are thinking "Trumpets during communion...NOT ALLOWED!" Well my ignorant friends, you are wrong. There are a variety of trumpets that one can play on the organ. This particular trumpet is a more muted one that can be turned up or down by the push of a shutter. I would never use an obnoxious trumpet such as the Festive Trumpet during Advent. (That one is mega loud!) I try not to blare anything during Advent or in general anyways. (Although I do get carried away with City of God...but I did hold back when I played it today.) Even my postlude was on the quieter side today. (Okay, truth, I didn't do a postlude.) Normally I play the last song once through with a loud and proud organ. But, during Advent and Lent I'm more careful on what I do. I want to be as liturgically sensitive towards the music at possible.

It is important to remember that ADVENT is NOT A SYNONYM for QUIET. I can't stand it when churches think that advent and quiet are the same. And because we are in Advent we can't have a slightly upbeat song. (Keyword is slightly.) I feel sorry for those who have to hear slow and quiet music all during advent. Or Lent.

I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I am going to play with the fab Lisa at Res and then head on over to OSJ!


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