Tuesday, October 18

Proud Moments in Education

Today in my preschool class we were planning one of our units. Our group came up with a pretty wicked plan!! I'm pretty excited. Our professor said this was similar to student teaching. There was so much to plan!!! As we were planning I started to have a thought: a few years ago I never thought I could have done any of this. I remember a time where I was told there was no way in hell I could ever teach...or even be with children. They told me I was "biologically" unfit to teach. (I was also told by the head of the Education Department that it was impossible for me be an organist because no organist is under the age of 50...whatever!)

Well, that was years ago. Water under the damn. Now I'm at SNC. And I learned...and boy did I learn!!!

There are times when I really have some great teaching experiences. These experiences make me smile. They remind me that I am in fact, learning something from the great Saint Norbert College.

Today was one of those days... I am a Spanish teacher at Martin Elementary (for this semester at least!) I have 5 great kids...some in 1st and some in 2nd grade. Today we learned about clothing. We learned a few clothing words and then we wrote them down on their index cards. Then the real fun beings!!

We went outside and trace our bodies on the sidewalk. Then we labeled all of our articles of clothing in Spanish. It was pretty interesting to see the children work because I couldn't touch the chalk. I'm allergic to chalk so I got to supervise the kids instead. They teased me about not being able to touch the chalk, but such is life right? Here's a picture of one of the bodies!

The kids loved it! They kept on saying how much fun they had. One of the girls did not want to stop working on their person. I had to drag them inside. Once they got inside we did a math connection: we made a pictoral graph of the things we wore.

One of the boys told me he was glad we were using math with Spanish. Math is one of his favorite subjects. It was also the first time I got to use my pocket chart ($1.00 at Target)

Another really great moment in my teaching came Monday. I taught preschool. I did a skeleton activity. I cut out 22 puzzle pieces and hid them around the room.

Thanks to Sharon, I found the perfect book to go with it as well! I wanted to focus on what skeletons were and not just some random story about a skeleton living in the world. I used brass fasteners to model the joints and the white tag board as the bones.

There are so many more ideas that I had that worked very well. Such as:

The "I Have a Dream Quilt" Lesson plan (also thought up by Noelle...we taught this lesson in New Orleans!)
My VBS Classroom over the past summer! Everybody thought the room was awesome!
I feel that I've come a long way since I started college how many years ago. I went from the supposed: "biologically unfit person that lies about being a church organist," to a teacher. Who would have thought?

Thanks SNC


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