Monday, December 5

Where's Em Teaching This Semester?

Hello Everybody!

Everybody (and I mean everybody) has been asking me for the past few weeks...WHERE are you going to be student teaching? All day, my friends and family texted me WHERE are you going to be?

Well...look no further than this blog entry!

Starting Jan 23rd (or the first day of the 3rd quarter, whichever comes first) I will be student teaching at...

Holy Family School in a 3rd Grade Classroom!
Then, at the start of 4th quarter...I will be teaching at....

Hemlock Creek Elementary in a Kindergarten Classroom!
I'm extremely excited about both of my placements!!!! I have been working at Holy Family School all semester as an after school care teacher. Therefore I know some of the children who are going to be in my class...which is extremely exciting!! I'm also excited to be at Hemlock Creek because a I know a few people there as well. Two of my piano students are at Hemlock Creek (they aren't in kindergarten though). Also, I know the gym teacher there...she's a GBGC/Piano Student Parent and she's just amazing!!!

I cannot express how excited I am to start the new semester. It's going to be an exciting one! Our professor explained how busy and tired we are going to be. If it is anything like VBS then...yes...she's correct.

So now I have a small wishlist. Marie, my boss at OSJ's mom and a lady I respect a lot (she taught 1st grade for like 40 years or something like that) taught me one thing: save everything! So...if you are reading this and want to help me out for my future classrooms, here is a list of a few items that our family is currently saving:

*egg cartons
*sour cream containers
*ice cream buckets
*bottle caps (ALL types of bottlecaps...but not Beer ones)
*old books
*milk cartons/jugs
*magnetic letters/numbers
*old cooking trays
*shoe boxes
*plastic bottles (such as water bottles, etc.)

So there you all go!!! Hopefully you are all just as excited as I am!


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