Thursday, December 15

Time to Say Good-Bye

On Tuesday I got to say good-bye to working at Old Saint Joesph's Parish at our annual Parish Dinner at the Union Hotel.

After 2.5 years of working, my time came to an end. I enjoyed my time at OSJ, but I've always been and always will be, a teacher first, and an organist second.  Being a liturgist is not my call in life.  I tried it for 2 years and enjoyed it, but not as much as teaching.  Teaching is my life. 

I've always felt I had an understanding of church music's role, especially because I was pretty much raised on the Resurrection Parish Piano Bench with the Master of Liturgical Music mentoring me, but OSJ taught me a different perspective.   They have a different vibe than Resurrection, and niether is wrong, just two different styles.  In case I ever end up being a liturgist I have two models to look at, instead of one.  (And I don't count the EC Center...because that was just crap.) In education we learn lots of models and take the best out of them and create our own philosophy.  I find that to be equally true about churches too. 

So on Tuesday night the entire crew had a great evening.  All of the student workers (except for poor Bryan) came over to my house for an early celebration.  We all sat in my cramped studio talking about our semester and looking at photos of my previous life.  I gave Joe all the books that I stole from OSJ back as a Christmas Gift. 

When we got to the Union Hotel, we all sat together.  Joe couldn't stop taking photos of everything and anything.  So I returned the favor.

 Joe looking like a fool...and Antigo posing for the camera.  This is one of many I took of Joe looking like a nerd;)
Joe in his normal state...

And of coarse, he had to get me to bug the Fox.  Of coarse, I sure didn't mind bugging the Fox, because let's face it, it's the best part of the job.  So I got up every so often and asked Fox what she ordered or what.

Of coarse the Superbowl Ring came out.  And yes...I fell to temptation and took a picture of it.

Then there was the speech.  Not going to lie...I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I figured it would be something in the terms of "thanks for being here, have a good life" kind of thing.  I mean I wouldn't know what to say about myself?  Hi, you are your organ...good luck next semester.  No, Jennifer had nice things to say.  I never knew she saw me teach at VBS or thought I was a great teacher.  I especially loved the part where she mentioned that Joe will be playing organ.  (And then Joe's face afterwards.)  I'm glad that the organ is going to be used.   I thought it was an extremely thoughtful presentation.  I even think I saw some tears.

As a tradition, the seniors get an extra gift.  So Katie and I opened ours up and we got a beautiful religious picture!

Then we got the Parish gift...we didn't know what we were going to get but...we got...

SWEATSHIRTS!!! (With pockets!) We all thought they were black, but they are a deep hunter of my favorite colors!  Of coarse, Joe volunteered to pose for a picture for my blog!

Then we heard some Christmas Carols...

Then took some pictures in the lobby.   First and foremost Joe and I got a picture together...after all we are partners in crime!
Everybody says this looks like an engagement photo...but I promise you...not a chance in hell guys!

Then I got a picture with my Luna Bud--Zac!
And of coarse Joe wouldn't leave until the we got a photo with the Fox!  Since after all, this was our last one with me and Joe working together!

I'm really not so sure what I am going to do with only working at one parish now.  I'm glad I won't get things mixed up but I'll sure miss the people at OSJ, especially my left foot, Joe Stawicki. (For those who don't get it, I play with my left foot more than my right.) It's been real, but I'm so pumped for the student teaching phase!


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  1. Nice post Em, I will definitely miss working with you next semester. Good luck student teaching! Remember, I am always watching you ;)


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