Wednesday, July 30

Week 3: Mexico and the Quest to Eat Polenta!

Hello My Fab Fit Bloggers!

I am just finishing up Week 3 of the Pi Yo workout!  I can't believe that I am almost 1/2 way done with the program!  [Round 1 at least!]  Seems like I just started this program and here I am almost 1/2 way done! Yikes!

Today was Weigh In Wednesday and while I'm lucky I maintained my weight from last week, I'd like to lose my LAST FIVE FREAKING POUNDS.  Ugh.  Why can't I look like my buff buddy Niki by association?

I am not seeing results...which makes me sad...BUT I am FEELING results, and that's what's important right?


I feel stronger on some of the moves...and I still fall over on others.  [I can't master that bowling move yet.] I'm just frustrated right now because I want to see those results, but good things don't happen over night.

But pouting won't get me nowhere.  I just had to vent to those who are equally frustrated with their weight loss plateau... [that's what I'm in right now, it will come off!]

For my new food this week, I have decided to try polenta!

Polenta is cornmeal!  It's porridge [you know the thing that Goldilocks ate in that tale].  It looks disgusting and gross, but it is not!  I kid you not, it looks strange, but it is yummy and even good for you!

This recipe is not my's a spin off from the book 'Get Waisted.'  If you don't own it, get it! Buy it here.   I could rave on about this book, but that's another blogging day for me.

This is how I did it:

1] Pour 3/4 of a cup of Polenta into a pot full of 3 cups of water.

 Let it boil and whisk it often.  It will thicken in about 8-10 minutes.

You will know it is done when you cannot physically stir it anymore! This is what it looks like right before it is done!

2] Prepare the beans.  I had beans all ready prepared so this was an easy step for me.  You can use a can of beans or prepare them the day before.  I used a 1/2 cup.

3] Chop up scallions, parsley and jalapeños.  You can add tomatoes if you wish, but I didn't have any so I did not add them:/

4] Put in dishes and get ready to serve!  I added salsa with mine so it had a little bit of spice!

I liked this recipe.  It was filling and had some good nutrients.    It was a nice change from the usual eggs, oatmeal or pancakes.   What I didn't like is that the original recipe had you pretty much stock your bowl up to the top for your cornmeal.  I opted to divide this recipe over 3 meals instead of the original two.  I also did not like how bland the polenta tasted.  I added the salsa to give it a little flavor.  I also added avocado [not pictured].

I also liked how it kept me FULL for more than 2 hours!  It also gave me enough energy to do my PiYo Core and 20 Dreadmill-Treadmill 7x400 Speed work out.

Tomorrow I am going to add a tomato and see how that changes it.  Overall it was only about 290 calories...not bad for a morning breakfast!

I hope you enjoyed my blog entry!  Later this week I hope to have more uplifting and motivational news about my weight loss progress and PiYo results! [I still <3 you Chalene!]


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