Tuesday, July 22

PiYo Week 2: For the Love of Sprouts!

Hey All!

So this kicks off Week 2 of PiYo and can I say it is addicting?

So addicting that even my amazing fiancé, Kyle has done several of the workouts with me!

Last week was all about getting proportions and figuring out how much to eat over the course of the day.  This week is all about eating a variety of foods, including more veggies per day.

So I decided to try Brussels sprouts! I got them yesterday while I was visiting Barb in Janesville.   She took me to Sam's Club and there they were, just sitting there waiting for me to purchase them.  I always wanted to make them, but never and the courage to try.  So I decided Monday was my day!

Barb said I should find a good recipe so I researched and researched and this is the result:

1] I washed all of sprouts with water and dried them very well.

2]  I cut off the bottoms of the sprouts and then diced them in half.

3] I added 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a dash of garlic powder and fresh ground pepper.  Mixed it up with my own bare hands!

4] I set them on a tray face down so the bottoms would caramelize.

5] I put them in the oven for 15 minutes.  I then gave them a shake and put them back in for another 15 minutes.

6] Serve! ...YUM!

I severed these bad boys TWICE today.  They were THAT good!

Dish 1: Tuna/Tomato Sandwich with a side of Pink Lady Apples and Sprouts

Dish 2: Tuna Steak with Mint-Jalapeno Dressing and Pink Lady Apple Slices c/Sprouts

Verdict: I LOVE THIS VEGGIE!!!!!  It is super filling and delicious!  Even Kyle, who refused [like a child who is being forced to eat his veggies refused] took a few bites and ended up liking it.  Not bad!!!  I say it's a match made in heaven!

Thanks for reading!  Happy Eating!


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