Saturday, June 14

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls--Part 1

Hello Bloggers!

Last weekend I went on a wonderful hiking trip with Leah to the UP.

It was a wonderful trip!  Leah and I visited quite a few waterfalls--SIX of them to be exact!  We saw the following:

Big Smokey Falls
Agate Falls
Bond Falls
Canyon Falls
Horse Race Rapids
La Salle Falls
12 Ft Falls
8 Ft Falls

Leah and I started with a breakfast wrap up at Big Smokey Falls, which was only about 20 miles away from her house.

Afterwards, we drove directly north through a lot of little cities.  Then we landed in Upper Michigan!  Leah was kind enough to drive me to Ski Brule.  I always wanted to see what Ski Brule looked like in the summer!

Then we headed over to the Listening Inn.  Our first impressions were not very good.  The lady scolded me for wanting to have a glass of wine before we departed on our adventure.  Therefore, we had some wine in secret on our deck.


Leah and I both made our own lunches to avoid having to pay for more food on our trip.  Smart idea because we got accidentally upgraded to a higher rate room!  I mean we did have a hot tub and a four post bed, so things could have been worse...

Next we packed our picnic baskets and headed out for Agate and Bond falls!  Agate Falls was about an hour and a half away from our Bed and Breakfast.  We enjoyed the view and got very confused when we entered different time zones! 

This is us at Agate Falls!  Not much to tell.  We walked along the falls for about a half mile before we saw it.  Nothing too special--only yet we didn't realize this at the time! 

Then came the motherload of waterfalls!  Bond Falls!  Bond Falls is the second largest set of waterfalls in MI.    We took a long hike down the side of Bond Falls.  Once we hit the bottom of the falls this was the lovely view we got to see!

And of coarse who couldn't forgo a lovely snapshot of us?

After our trip, we were hungry.  We stopped out at the Hazelwood Cafe, which was along our route.  When we headed home, The Listening Inn gave us a bottle of their own Blueberry Spice Wine...FOR FREE!  Leah and I both took advantage of this wine and enjoyed a night soaking in our hot tub, making up Zumba routines, singing Disney songs and chatting the night away:-)  We both fell asleep excited for the next day's adventure!

More to Post Soon!

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