Tuesday, June 10

The Photos Everybody Wants to See!

Hey All!

Time for a wedding blog entry!  [Oh yeah, you're getting married in what, like, um, a year? YES! Save the Date: 9/25/15!]

Here is the moment Kyle and I have been waiting for...our engagement photos to be edited and ready for pick up!  Yippie!

Our photos were taken by Kasey and Ben Hock Photography.  Kasey and I go way back---to 2005 when we were roommates and college buddies at UW-Green Bay.  Kasey has done several photos for me in the past, including modeling sessions and artistic pieces, so I knew when it was time to get married, she would be the perfect one to capture the moments.  I sure was right!  Kasey and Ben were extremely informative on helping us make these photos special.  I am beyond convinced that our wedding photos will be just as elegant and artistic as these!

Kristina and I ventured over to the studio earlier today.  Kasey greeted us with a smile and took us into her basement where she had an entire display ready to showcase her beautiful photography.  Kristina and I were both in oh's and awe's over each beautifully captured photo.  Kasey expressed her appreciation to my attention to details regarding outfits and was excited that she was able to experiment with the lights at the Wildlife Sanctuary.    She was right; the lighting was perfect for our special day!

These are only some of the photos that I uploaded.  I love how Kasey was able to capture our smiles and romanticism.  Kyle always said he has a hard time smiling, but I sure disagree!

I think the photos turned out nice, don't you think?

Let me know what you think about them!  I hope you enjoyed them as much as us!


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  1. Anonymous10.6.14

    First one or the last one or the one in the bar...or I guess any of them!!!! They are beautiful!! ~Emily


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