Saturday, April 5

A [Poor, Overworked, Catholic] Teacher's Wish List!

Hey Everybody!

It seems like everywhere on Facebook there is this craze to sell things.  That's a great way to get rid of old stuff and invest in new stuff that you would otherwise pay a pretty penny for. I've been proudly selling things on Amazon and getting some investment back for it.   Every penny I can scrape for our future together is going to help pay off all of the obnoxious debt that I complied thanks to my 3.5 Mistake at UW-Green Lame and my 3.5 years of good quality education at Saint Norbert.

Likewise, I bet you are the type that would like to get something out of your things.  I sure don't blame you!  It seems we are all living in a financially-difficult society.  I'd like to help out you out too!

Currently a lot of my things are my co-teachers, who has been more than generous for me to use her things.  I sure would have had a boring classroom if I had to start from the ground up last year.  But this year 2, where I know what I want my room to look like.  What I would want in my room for "best" practice, blah, blah, blah.  Plus, it's only fair to contribute, especially since I have advanced myself financially with 2 additional jobs.

Who wouldn't want to make this place a better place for kids?

 If you have anything on this list that you are willing to part with for a reasonable price, I would be more than happy to provide you with that service!

Below is my teaching wish list.  It's short.  It's sweet.  It's a good list.

Miss Bielinski's Wish List:
1] Books 
2] Games like Battleship, Scrabble, Boogle [games that have numbers or letters as the main focus.  Games that kindergarteners could play.]
3] Collections of things [bunch of paperclips, bottle caps, play coins, soda pop tops, real feathers]
4] Books 
5] Blocks, marbles, jacks, legos [the "old-school" toys]
6] Trains and Cars!
7] Kid art activities [stamps, ink pads, stencils, rulers]
8] Books 

and...please...yes...I could use..

9) Anything Spanish-Friendly! 

These things would benefit currently about 90 lovable, cute, and amazing children!

Thanks for reading...more to come soon!

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