Thursday, October 13

Hello, Hello, Remember Me? I'm Everything You Can't Control

So many of my friends insist that I write a book one day...

So why not now?

My return to blog-land ended with my knitting blog (too much upkeep) and started with this new blog: Not Your Average Jane. I decided sometime ago that my life is way too interesting to not write down. And besides, this is a better way to share with friends and family some of the crazy and fun stuff that I do.

So today's entry is going to be about my long weekend trip. These long weekend trips do NOT happen very often. This is because I work at 2 churches--both that schedule me normally every weekend. (Hopefully it's because they love me!) So with some talking with the powers at hand, the divine miracle of me not working a single job for an entire weekend was able to happen:)

So what did I do since I didn't play a single mass? WELL... I had the pleasure to go to Washington Island with Leah Allen.

But of coarse when we go up to Door County, we don't just drive straight to the tip...nope...instead we taste some wineries on the way! I happen to be madly in love with wine. I ended up purchasing several bottles for my wine collection including some Warm Door County Winter Wine.

Right before we got to the island, Leah and I stopped and had a lovely picnic at Newton State Park, where we had a healthy and yummy lunch, made my Leah. The scenery was beautiful, but we didn't have enough time to stay around, otherwise we would have missed the ferry:(

We had fruit, veggies, cheese (the good kind), yogurt and some fudge for lunch. We tried to find bread to go with our cheese, but we discovered that there is NO PLACE TO BUY FRESH BREAD IN DOOR COUNTY! What the heck!? We went into 4 bakeries and none of them sold fresh bread!!! Our question is where does everybody get their bread in Door County?!?! (Seriously, we want to know!)

When we finally got to the island, we rode bikes.

We ended up biking for about 8 miles! After that, we enjoyed a nice scenic view of the forest on one of the nature trails. Leah read some poetry. It was one of those moments where you didn't want to leave.

That's all for now...more adventures to come!

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