Thursday, August 1

Cards! Cards! Cards!

Hi Everybody!

So, I am sure everybody noticed I was not blogging for quite sometime!  Yikes!  I can't believe the time just flew by!  Well, now I'm back...for now!

I am here today to show you some of my latest and greatest cards that I have been making to pass the time before school starts.  (And round 2 begins.)

Card #1: Graduation Card

It's been a while, but somebody in my family graduated from high school.  I had the challenge to make it the correct corresponding colors.  (Deep purple and gold.)

I was sad that I didn't have a deep enough purple to make the graduation cap match with the color of the card.   Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the results!

As for the inside of the card...I actually had an inside.  (Normally I do not.  This way the person can make their own greeting inside.)

Even though this card was made for a male, his mother, my aunt Jamie makes cards as well.  I don't talk to Jamie very often (once a year if I happen to attend the family Christmas celebration...) but I know she would at least appreciate the hand-made card!  After all, she made some awesome invitations using the same colors!

Card #2: Thank You!

As some know, I left Saint Joseph Parish in Oneida last weekend.  It was a sad ordeal, but also an exciting one because now I am starting a new part time job to help pay off those nasty debts!    I created this simple thank you card to show my gratitude.

With this card, I used all scraps!  That's right!  No original paper was used in making this card!  I'm pretty excited about that!  After all, the purpose of scrapbooking is to use, well... scraps!

Since I did use scraps...I used embossing to make the "Thank You" stand out more!  I really liked the effect the blue had on it!

Card #3 & 4: Twin Sympathy Cards

I don't make enough sympathy cards.  These two cards were made at the same time.  I used the same scraps and colors to make these wonderful cards.


Since hanging out with Brittany De Laruelle, I have fallen in love with bold, bright colors.  I love how the bright blue stands out.  It breaks up the "brightness" of the yellow without dulling it down.

I also used Copic markers to color the butterfly.  I love this butterfly, she has been used in about 10 cards over the past year.  I like this butterfly because it is super versatile.  I can make it on anything that is feminine.   Coloring with Copic's has gotten easier over the past year.  Now that I have mastered the art of blending with these super expensive and super awesome markers, my work is beginning to look a lot more professional!

Overall, I have created these beautiful cards!  If you are celebrating a special day or are in need of a card, then you might get one of these treasured gifts!  I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!

That's all for now!

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