Sunday, November 4

This is Halloween...This is Halloween! Part I

Hey Everybody!

Halloween just left us...but no worries!  In kindergarten we had a great time learning about pumpkins, ghosts and more!

In math, we have been learning about graphing.  To help with graphing, we scooped up pumpkin seeds and then graphed them! I spray painted a bunch of pumpkin seeds (thanks Mom) at home and the kids had to graph them based on color.

 At first these seeds got all over place.  Then after a while, they were starting to get the concept.  We have been reading bar graphs for a few weeks and now I can say they are able to read and understand one! 

Another concept we worked on is beginning sounds.  We started using beginning sounds at the...well...beginning of the year, but this is a concept that we will be working on for a long time!  To help with matching beginning sounds we did a pumpkin match.   Here are the words!

Here are the matches! 

For art, we used shapes to make Jack-O-Lanterns! This was my introduction to shapes.  The next week, we did a monster shape assessment.  I'll post pictures about that later!

Finally, our last center for this week was the great pumpkin hunt!  The kids picked a picture, said it out loud and then had to find the picture whose word rhymed with the original pumpkin.   It was really fun to see the kids grow with this center.  The first time they did it, it was a struggle, but towards the end of their time at this center, they really were getting the concept of rhyming.  

For science, we carved a pumpkin!

The first day, we carved out the pumpkin and cleaned him out.  I only managed to leave a few seeds in the pumpkin.  The next day we carved the rest of the pumpkin using shapes that we recognized, such as triangles, squares, rectangles and even a circle (a really pathetic looking circle).

After we carved the pumpkin, we said this little poem (that I created)

Jack-O-Lantern, so scary and bright
Jack-O-Lantern, so full of fright.
With triangle eyes, and a square nose
and a scary mouth I suppose!
It had some seeds...but guess what!
They were eaten by you and ME!

Two things about the poem: first of all, I cannot believe I created a poem like this ON THE SPOT, and second of all, I can't believe how cute the poem turned out.  The kids liked it a lot; we said it over the next few days and appeared to really like it!

And one more totally awesome thing...


The things I can do with this instrument... oh the hymns we could sing...:D I played it a few times for the kids and they got a huge kick out of it!

That's all for now! Hopefully soon I can do a part two for you! I have a lot more Halloween stuff to share!


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