Tuesday, October 16

Fire Truck! Fire Truck! I Wanna Ride on a Fire Truck!

Hey Everybody!

I can't believe it has almost been a month since I last blogged about my school year! I have been enjoying my time down here! A lot has been going on and sadly blogging about school/crafts has gotten lower and lower on the list every time!

The past week the theme was Fire Safety!!!!

Every teacher has a favorite theme [mine would be a tie between the Great Eric Carle and Under the Sea] and this was [probably] Angie's favorite theme.   I always think it's important for teachers to be excited about their themes, but when a teacher can naturally be excited about something, the kids just pick up on it so much faster...as well as other teachers.  I sure got pretty pumped up about fire safety!

I like Fire Safety because there is a lot you can talk about.  It's one of those themes where a lot of people have done therefore there is a lot of information and ideas you can build off of.  Planning for centers this week was easier because I had a flow of ideas (verses construction week where my brain just wasn't working yet.)

So here are some of the fun things we did this week at school!

For one of our art projects, we did marble painting with firemen hats!

Last time I did marble painting, I made the mistake of not having a box.  This time, I had a box so the marbles didn't land on the floor.  The marbles were dipped in the ketchup containers.  I picked them up with a spoon and placed them on the hat.  The kids tipped the box back and forth until they had a cool firemen's hat!

Another art activity: tissue paper fire! (This one is pretty obvious on how to make correct?)

Here is my bulletin board! I have our center artwork featured (fire trucks) as well as one of the art projects from earlier in the week.  I had the children pose in their fire hats in front of this bulletin board.    They will get a cool momento: a picture of them standing in front of the "St. Pat's" fire station.  True firemen right there!

Here is a closer look at the student's "Fire Safety" hydrants.

We also did "blow painting."  They took a house, put some paint on it... and then blew the paint into different directions! It looked like a house was on fire!

Here is the end result.  

The kids came up with a list of steps a person can take when there is a fire.  We talked about when you call 911 on a cell phone you MUST press send! We took out all of my cell phones that I have in the dramatic play area and practiced calling 911 (pressing send) and using our words to communicate what we need from Emergency.

This week was a lot of fun! We also had a fire chief come in and read a book! We also sang the song "Fire Truck...Fire Truck...I Wanna Ride on a Fire Truck!"  The fire department was supposed to come with a truck...but sadly got called away:( Such is life! 

Hope you all enjoyed my blog!!!  Lots more to share...soon! (Sooner rather than later this time, I promise!) 



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