Monday, February 18

One Page Wonders!

Hey Everybody!

It's been a while since I posted something about my papercrafts!

I have been trying to go outside of my little box.  I have discovered that I have taken less pictures than I have in the past.  Back then I had to have a minimum number of photos in order (10 photos) for an 'event' to get scrapbooked, however, I have noticed there are a lot of important events that weren't making the quota of pictures.  This caused me to go investigate better layouts.  Today's entry will feature pictures that have 5 pictures or less. 

This is the result of our "Sober Sleepover Night." The colors were tricky to match, but I am content with the final results.   It's not my absolute favorite, but it's done and now I can put it in my enormous scrapbook for people to look at when they come and visit me:)

This was a night when Liz, Meredith and I went out and about in De Pere one night!   What I like about it is space that is on the page.  It focuses one to look at the photos and appreciate them:)  It was one of my very first "lots of space pages."  It took me a while to make this page look the way I wanted it to look!  I originally had browns and reds, but then I added the black paper and BOOM, it came to me! The papers were from Hobby Lobby (I forgot the name of the book I got them from.)  I used stickers I got on sale (from HL), to add as little embellishments.

This is another awesome page layout that took a long time to create!  I had issues with getting the photos to line up.  I had quite a few choices, but I had to be selective because not all the photos would fit in a nice row like the one you see.  In fact, this was the 3rd incarnation of this page.  The other photos ended up going into the "pile of future projects for friends."  I love the ribbon!  It is from JoAnns.  I used a sticker (something I have gotten away from.)  I'm also proud of the bright color choices!   I used my inner-Brittany-De-Laurelle to create the page.  I usually do dark and vintage pages; but this one is a true blue summer page!  (Even though this event happened in May 2012, just before Graduation!)

This is from Kasey and Ben's wedding back in October 2011!  Kasey is a art chic, so I wanted to have some paper that matched her awesome off-beat taste in fashion!  Her wedding was nothing less than a true fashionista event.  What pressure to create a page that reflected this special day.  Truth is, wedding pages always stress me out!  They are such special days and I sometimes feel I just "throw it together."  This page was created in the 11th hour while at Brittany's apartment while the Packers were getting their butts kicked!  While the Packers lost, I sure felt like I succeeded in what I wanted to present in this page!  The paper is from BoBunny (one of my favorite paper lines!)  I used the Stone Font Cartridge for the writing.  I didn't bother writing anything because the page speaks for itself!

Yet another favorite of mine!  I decided to try to use stickers and ribbon to make this page look more "vintage."  I love the combination of colors; the picture sadly does not do this picture justice!  I am super glad that I decided to do this page.  Originally I was not going to scrapbook this page, but because I decided to try one page scrapping, I ended up making this page.  And it is one of my absolute favorites!  I'm glad I did, because this was the time when Vicki and I were at Captains Walk and the Press Gazette decided to snap our picture sampling wine.  While some people got a kick of me tasting wine, others were highly offended by this LEGAL and CHEAP way to spend the afternoon with people I happen to like.  Oh well!  Two years have passed, so people probably forgot!

And last but not old photo shoot Niki and I were at my favorite park: Greene Isle.  Since I was wearing flowers, I decided to continue the flower theme in my papers!  The paper is from Paper Studios, another favorite of mine.  I like the punch flower border; the orange makes the colors pop.    This was a hard page to design because I liked so many of the photos, however, I only had enough room for one page in my album.  This particular page is from not one, but TWO years ago!  Yes, that is how far behind I am with some of my pages!  It was a hard decision, I wanted equal photos of both Niki and I.  However, I also wanted flattering images of me.  (Niki always looks good, I don't!) Therefore I used the other photos in collages and added them to my "need to make a photo gift with these" pile. 

So overall, I will keep one page events in my future scrapbooks.  It sure saves some room for me!  It also saves me money overall! 

I hope these pages inspire you to do something fun and creative!



  1. I really like the pages. Not sure why I didn't see this post before today. I definitely remember you scrapping at my place though. I really like the bright colors one, but I'm sure you aren't surprised by that! :)


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