Friday, January 20

Last Week of What I Have Called Normal

This week marks the end of one way of life and into another...

Yesterday was my last school mass day at Resurrection.  Last year, I offered to help Michele do school mass during the week because A/I like kids B/I was free and C/it looked like she needed some help.  (Not that she couldn't do it without me...but I know me and if I had the option to have an accompanist I would take one!) It was a lot of fun to work for the kids.  They were sure adorable.   They loved to put up the numbers and always helped take things down...which is great for me!  Less work for me!!! 

Bishop Bob and the church honored me with giving me a blessing.  After communion, the principal comes up and announces everybody that has a birthday (or a half birthday).  All those children come on up and stand in the middle of church.  Then right before I start playing, the Bishop stands up and announces that we have "an organist/pianoist retiring from Resurrection" I looked around and thought... wait... Michele's retiring???  But no, Bishop was referring to me!  So Michele and Bishop had me go to the front of church, next to the shortest (and cutest) child ever and get a blessing from the church.  I think poor Bishop thinks I'm actually done working at Res period... but I told him that I'll be around...I mean if I'm not there, who is going to do all of those 8AM masses on Sunday? Somebody's gotta teach Paul D how to clap! (Inside joke--I taught Paul D how to clap the Halle Halle one of the many 8AMs I have.) 

I do hope in the future I am able to say good-bye to working at Resurrection so I can say hello to teaching in NOLA!  But before I make any concrete plans, I need to get a job first.  So as of right can find me doing the YMT 4PMs rocking the piano and 8AMs rocking your world with Riely the semi-pipe organ.

After mass Michele treated my mom and I to the Mustard Seed Cafe! Amazing place to eat!  If you haven't gotten to check it out, click on the website and take a look here to see Mustard Seed Cafe's site.

I also got the book The Color of Gratitude and Other Spiritual Surprises by Robert Morneau (aka Bishop Bob)

I all ready read half of the book and will plan on using it in student teaching when we talk about poetry.  I can't believe I disliked poetry at one point! 

Today is my last day as a BASIC After-School Care teacher at Holy Family School.  My job was to come watch children while providing them with academic activities.  I had 14 children to watch... all of them are near and dear to my heart.  Sometimes the job was hard...but it was always worth while!   This morning I worked the morning shift for the first and only time!  I was expecting 4 students and got 10!!!  This afternoon I hope things won't be as crazy, but I do hope all my kids are there!  We are going to finger paint with primary colors to make secondary colors and a painting.  I'm sure the teacher will want to strangle me!  I also have the famous ipads along too so the little tiny ones can practice their letter writing as well!  We always have time for fun in after school care!!!  This particular winter break, I got to work with them twice a week.  So not seeing them often will be very hard to deal with!  This doesn't mean I get to see them at all...because I WILL be at HFS student teaching come Monday!

I shouldn't be nervous...I have met my CT several times (I see her every time I work at HFS) and he HFS kids have given me several "load downs" on how awesome she is... I just haven't... well... EVER... taught third grade.  I had 4/5 for block and observed preschool/4k, kindergarten, first and second multiple times...but never ever third grade.  I'm excited to be working with them.  The third graders that I do know at HFS are really great kids.  Sharon says that 3rd graders are young enough to go along with you, but old enough to start learning some more advanced content.  From what I've seen, it's a great grade! 

As nervous as I am... I know I'll make it.  I've made it this far.  I can do it.

And as happy as I am right now... I can feel something amazing is coming up... I just have to jump in and go along for the ride. 

Now as I'm sipping my Chai Tea listening to Seussical, I'm thinking of how exciting and crazy the next few weeks are going to be!


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